To help with genealogical research, the library can provide Masonic membership information about Masons in Virginia. Masonic records do not contain biographical details beyond name of Lodge, degree dates, years in Lodge and death date.

Only members from 1974 to present are on the computer. Members who died before 1974 are recorded in card files or Lodge returns. Allow ten business days or more before expecting a reply for pre-1974 members.

To inquire about Masonic membership send:

  • Full name of subject to be researched
  • Birth date and place of birth
  • Death date and place of death
  • City and county of residence in Virginia during life span
  • Occupation if known (Methodist ministers, train engineers, men in military service move around frequently)

It is recommended that a mailing address accompany an e-mail request in case there are photo copies of records to send and should there be an incompatibility problem with software programs.