The Grand Lodge Library collections contain a significant, extensive and ever-growing assemblage of historical, subordinate Lodge records; copies of academic theses, research reports, Masonic periodicals, and archival documents relating specifically to the history of the Grand Lodge of Virginia; selected records about Masonic appendant and concordant bodies, as well as many other, general, reference resources on a wide array of potential topics concerning the history, governance, and unique national aspects of the world-wide Masonic fraternity.

Perhaps most significant of all, the Grand Lodge Library is a potentially helpful information resource for any genealogists who might be seeking pertinent data about a relative who may have been a Virginia Mason.  The Library is the archival repository for a selective amount of personal information about anyone who has ever been a member of any of the so-called “Blue Lodges” that have been chartered by the Grand Lodge of Virginia, throughout its long history of community service and fraternalism among hundreds of local communities throughout the Commonwealth.

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